62 Blue Nail Art Ideas

21.The Multi- Round Blue Nail Art Design. Blue color can go with any other color amazingly. If you want an example, check the picture above.

22.Pretty Blue Floral Nail Art Design. Another flora inspired nail art design on the list. Get your nails covered with this nail art design and be classy.

23.Matte Blue Glitter-y Nail Art Design. This very pretty glittery, matte blue nail art design is definitely going to be on your list, if you know what simplicity with elegance is.

24.Appliqued Floral design over white and blue base. The blue floral nail art design with the water due drops effects is an inspiration for all arts lovers. The details and the combination are worth admiring.

25.The navy Blue, floral nail art design. Going with this navy blue, floral nail art design with glitter is surely going to be your love for the season.

26.White and Blue Nail Art Design. You can work with your blue nails and white color in order to add something to your personality. If you are planning to pair it with your dress, the overall effect would really be awesome.

27.Elegant looking fancy Blue Nail Art Idea. Stud it up, add some floras and pattern it up with some blue color and you ae going to end up with some really classic nail art design.

28.Nice Looking Metallic Blue Nail Art Design. This beautiful looking nail art design with some random pattern is also a great addition to the list of best blue nail art designs.

29.Blue and Pink Floral, glittery nail art design. You might have always seen blue paired up with gold, white or simple black. And if you want something different, then pair it up with pink glittered one and thank me later.

30.Blue, White and Black Studded Nail Art Design. The blue, black and white are always the best combo going, either its on your dress or on your nails. Stud it up with some rhinestones and you will love it.

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