62 Blue Nail Art Ideas

Although blue color is often considered to be the masculine or manly color, but to your surprise, this color is equally worn and used by the women, all across the globe to represent freedom, intuition, imagination, sensitivity and inspiration.

As a matter of fact, the colors play a very important role in our lives and they definitely affect our mood. Blue is said to be the positive vibe for our brain and that is the reason, why most of the women prefer to get their nails coated with this cool color. The best part of the blue color is that there are variety of shades and hues of blue that you can choose from.

No matter you are having simple denim days or night out parties with your friends, blue is always the color to wear. So, if you are the one wondering to wear which kind of Blue Nail Art Design with your outfit, here we have go you covered with the best ones out of the lot.

1.Light Blue Nude Shade with Diamonds. Nudes with white + perfect combination!

2.The Matte Aqua Touch. The matte colors are really in fashion these days. And if you want to keep pace with the fashion trends, just go with the aqua matte touch in the blue color.

3.The Music Lover Blue French Tip Nail Art Design. This French tip design in Blue is another great addition to our list of the best Blue Nail Art Ideas. This design incorporates the love for the music and so it is made for the ones deeply in love with the music.

4.The baby blue Floral Nail Art Design. The baby blue glossy nails are so going to be the best nail color for you, if you are having a perfect night out with someone special.

5.Marble Inspired Blue Nail Art Design. This marble inspired blue nail art idea is just oh so great. If you want something unique and classy, blue nail art is always your answer.

6.The Hues of Blue by Ekaterina Golovancheva. With blue base color, attractive flora on ring finger nails, and glittery ombre shades on mid finger nails are simply worth trying.

7.String Combination of Blues Nail Art Design. If you are looking to have all blue, here’s your thing. Wear this blue nail art idea and be yourself.

8.Lacy flower Matte Blue Nail Art Design. Get your nails patterned with this lacy flower matte blue nail art design to look classy and attractive at the same time.

9.Lonely Girl in Blue Nail Art Design. This girly girl blue nail art idea is something worth giving a shot as it is simply perfect. The lonely girl in blue perfectly complements the blue alternate nails.

10.The Blue water colored Nail Art Design. This very pretty blue floral nail art design iis going to be perfect for your denim days. The colorful spray over the blue base is pretty amazing.

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