50+Zebra Stripe Nail Art Designs

Well-planned and manicured nails can really be a great finishing touch to your outfit. Zebra stripes is a good option, though it takes a bit more time ,but it’s worth it! Zebra stripes can be used as an everyday and party look, and that’s one of their advantages: they’re super flexible.

If you’re looking to sport some type of animal print, zebra is the way to go. Zebras themselves, are found in Africa, and often times their coat design is used to represent African fashion. They are interesting looking animals, and this is due to the black and white stripes that they have all over their bodies.Putting something similar on your nails will add a burst of boldness and a wild-like look.

Making the zebra stripes isn’t that difficult, correct?I hope these zebra stripes nail designs can give you more creativity, inspiration and also fresh ideas to build your new work.

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