French manicure can go along with anything you wear. It is so versatile which is why ladies find it convenient to don without even having to change their nail styles in two weeks. Among the most popular hues of French manicure are the nude, cream, pink and beige which are then tipped with a pure white polish. The design looks simple, beautiful, elegant and effortless even from afar.

Even though it may look very easy to do from the outside, coating on French manicure needs precision as well as a good and steady hand. You can’t simply do the French manicure in one go, but with continued practice, you will be able to master the art of French manicure. The most important part is the tip of the nails which needs to look perfect.

Have glowing looking nails with this elegant French tips. Using light pink as base, the nails are thinly tipped in white. The other nails are accented with white and black floral designs, which is pleasing to the eye.

There are many ways to mix new things in with French manicures, so here are 30+ fabulous French manicure ideas you’ll want to try out ASAP now that the warm weather is setting in.

1.Classic French Manicure

2.Flower French Manicure

3.Inclined French Manicure

4.Romantic Pearl French Manicure

5.Irregular French Manicure

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