3. Short Bob Shag Haircut

We really love these short bob shag haircut ideas. If you want to style your shag bob this way, just apply curl-boosting styling mousse to your clean, wet tresses. Then blow dry them and finish with hair spray.

4. Bob Haircut

It goes without saying that out of all the haircuts for women bob ones are the most popular. But the time does not stand still, and fresh trends appear with every season that is why a classy bob as we knew it is long gone. Modernized versions of it appeared, and now they are conquering the red carpets and city streets. That is why if you do not wish to stay behind the trend you should better consider getting a shaggy bob haircut right now. The thing is that shag bobs are what you need to spice your everyday look up with. Dissolve your polished look with a touch of messiness and a hint of edginess!

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